I thought I would get a quick picture of my Grima up to get the blog posts going. I need to work on my photos but hopefully it will give you a good idea of what he looks like. This is not a figure I need for any of the journey books but it’s one I have had for ages so it was good to get him painted.


pics 005

Grima Wormtongue

I have also finished painting the nine rangers and Tom Bombadil. I just need to do the bases and they are ready to go. On top of thatI have finished the base coat and wash on 8 Moria goblins (which will give me all the gobIins I need for the Moria games) and a mounted Wraith. So they just need highlights and basing now. What I do need to do is crack on with some of the scenic bits.

I have had a good couple of days with e-bay and I have managed to fill some of the gaps I had. I now have 9 ringwraiths on foot and I managed to get 3 mounted wraiths for a good price as well. Just two more mounted wraiths to go. I also got Arwen and Frodo on horse and a couple of bits I need for the two towers book. Pretty much all of these were funded by selling off some of my old bits as well so that’s good.




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