I have made a decent amount of progress and I now have most of what I need for the first journey book painted up. I am still looking for 4 barrow weights and then I have everything I need for this book.

I still have the following to paint for this journey book


2 mounted wraiths

1 foot wraith

The balrog

6 wild wargs

The Warg chief

1 goblin captain

Some wood elves

The barrow weights when I source them

I have made a start on some of the scenery I did not already have in my collection as well. The thing that is going to take a fair amount of time to build is Weathertop and that’s needed fairly early on in the book.

I have also decided to try and reduce my backlog a bit by painting up some of the figures that are quick to finish. I will need them at some point so it’s good to see a good chunk of progress getting made. Currently on the painting table I have all the Goblins from the Hobbit Goblin town set which are finished baring a few details and basing. Next I plan to rattle off some Gondor troops, then the rest of the wargs and after that who knows, maybe some orcs.

I also have a load of finished bits that I need to base up as well as some conversions and priming to do of more recently acquired figures. I am planning on having a big photo session as some point so I can post up pictures on here.


Battle games in Middle Earth

I managed to bag a bargain on e-bay thanks to a poorly worded and placed listing. This little lot consists of issues 1-50 of the battle games in middle earth magazines along with the three special editions. They have never been opened and come with all the figures. This should give me plenty of reading and all the troops I need for the first couple of journey books. I plan on using some of them for conversions for things like Rohan outriders and Osgilith vets. It does mean I have a fair few duplicate figures though so I will be listing them on various trade forums once I have had a proper sort through


Battle games mags


I am not sure why I did not get these magazines the first time round. I think it was mainly because the first few issues had figures I already had, then it went subscription only. In addition to the figures there are some good modeling articles and a fair number of scenarios to have a go at.


My bloging has not been up to much recently due to being away with work, on holiday and doing some decorating. Hopefully now all thats out of the way I can get to it a bit more.