I have made a decent amount of progress and I now have most of what I need for the first journey book painted up. I am still looking for 4 barrow weights and then I have everything I need for this book.

I still have the following to paint for this journey book


2 mounted wraiths

1 foot wraith

The balrog

6 wild wargs

The Warg chief

1 goblin captain

Some wood elves

The barrow weights when I source them

I have made a start on some of the scenery I did not already have in my collection as well. The thing that is going to take a fair amount of time to build is Weathertop and that’s needed fairly early on in the book.

I have also decided to try and reduce my backlog a bit by painting up some of the figures that are quick to finish. I will need them at some point so it’s good to see a good chunk of progress getting made. Currently on the painting table I have all the Goblins from the Hobbit Goblin town set which are finished baring a few details and basing. Next I plan to rattle off some Gondor troops, then the rest of the wargs and after that who knows, maybe some orcs.

I also have a load of finished bits that I need to base up as well as some conversions and priming to do of more recently acquired figures. I am planning on having a big photo session as some point so I can post up pictures on here.


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