I have been a bit crap at updating the blog but it’s mainly because I was not happy with the pictures I was taking. I have mucked around with some more lights and the camera settings and I think I am finally getting somewhere so I have had a bit of a photo session today. Hopefully I can now get a few more updates on here. I still need to work on the lighting a bit but I am getting there. First up are 9 plastic rangers. These are going to be used as Dunedain in the initial journey book scenarios and will then double up as Gondor rangers for the later games. I have just ordered 3 Dunedain from GW as well so they will jump up the paint queue when they arrive. pics 208

pics 209

pics 210

On the rangers front I have another 15 of the plastic figures and four metal Faramirs rangers to complete. Some of the plastics are going to get a bit of conversion work done, mainly adding spears. I also have Faramir, Damrod and Mandril to complete. My painting have been jumping around a bit because I have been trying to get a couple of armies painted up for standard points games. I am concentrating on Gondor and Mordor at the moment and I have made some decent progress. All these will be used for the later scenarios as well.


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