Gondor roll call

Thought I would do a couple of pictures of all the painted Gondor forces I have as I have been working on this army recently and it’s my most complete. I still have a fair few things to complete and there are a couple of bits I don’t have that I would ultimately like to add.

pics 233

So far I have the following painted

  • 8 x guards of the fountain court
  • 6 x citadel guard with spear
  • 12 x archers
  • 8 x spears
  • 7 x swords
  • 6 x knights
  • Foot and mounted banner bearer
  • 14 x rangers
  • Faramir in armour, foot and mounted and as a ranger
  • Boromir armoured on foot
  • Damrod
  • Cirion
  • Mandril
  • Denathor
  • Pippin in gondor armour

Still to come

I have the following miniatures some of which are currently work in progress

  • A bolt thrower
  • A trebuchette
  • 12 x osgilith veterans conversions
  • 12 x rangers
  • 8 x sword and shield guys
  • Mounted boromir
  • Knight of the tree (converted)
  • Aragorn as king foot and mounted

And I would like to add

  • 6 x citadel guard archers
  • 6 x metal knights which I would like to convert to citadel guard
  • Beregond
  • Boromir whith the banner
  • Another banner on foot

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