Army of the dead

I recently finished of the last half of the army of the dead figures along with the king of the dead. I went for the bog standard green movie look and it was dead easy to do (see what I did there). A white undercoat followed by codex grey over the whole figure. I then picked out some of the details like beards, armour etc and did a heavy dry brush of a relevant colour on these bits e.g. a brown for the beards. I then gave them a wash with green ink and following that a light white dry brush. I now have 24 of these guys with the king to lead them. Unfortunately for points matches there are no army of the dead captains and with the maximum warband size being 12 this means that if I wanted to field more than 12 of them they would be lead by a Dol Amroth captain or similar. Maybe I can come up with a suitable conversion for one. I have a couple of the metal warriors of the dead figures I picked up in a trade so I might be able to do something with them as the base.

pics 224

pics 222


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