Arwen and Frodo

Another figure done for the journey books. Not a bad model this one but I think Arwens face is a bit on the dodgy side. Not sure what happened with the Arwen sculpts during this timeframe as the foot Arwen is a terrible model and would be high up on a list of the worst models in the range. On the other hand the newer sculpt of Arwen is a beautiful model and one of my favorites of the range. I have the newer sculpt in the paint queue and I am looking forward to getting that one painted up.


The scenario in the journey book has the option of using Glorfindel to replay what happens in the book rather than the film so I will have to get him on the painting table soon.

I have also been converting a few bits to try and fill some gaps in the ranges now that some models are no longer available. The first batch of these are my Corsair alabasters. These were made using the plastic corsair models with crossbow arms from the Perry miniatures European mercenary box set. I have done a total of eight of these along with a converted Bosun/captain to lead them. I will get updated pictures of these guys up once I have them painted but that might be a while away.


Corsair alabaster conversions
Corsair alabaster conversions

Having been inspired by the new film I have also been working through some of the Hobbit bits I have. I have finished 10 Mirkwood rangers and Bard. The Master of laketown and an eagle are on the painting table at the moment. I really need to get on and get some more photos done.


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