Review of the year

As is traditional I thought I would do a quick review of the year.

I set the blog up in roughly July when I decided to work through the Lord of The Rings journey books. Since then I have managed to paint a fairly large amount of miniatures but I have also managed to buy quite a few as well. I have sold off a lot of stalled and half finished projects though to the hobby has been pretty much cost neutral and the overall lead pile has not grown too much. Looking at my painting log list I have finished a couple of hundred figures over the last 6 months.

One thing that did happen is that I got a bit side tracked and painted a load of stuff that’s not needed for the journey books or that does not pop up until later scenarios. This was partly a conscious decision as I wanted to get a decently sized army painted up so I could use it for pickup games. I went for Gondor as I had figures for most of the options in the army list and they will be used in the Return of the King scenarios.

I have played a decent amount of games with my boys and I have also introduced a new person to the hobby and I have had several games with him as well. One thing I need to do this year is get out and play some more games. I have Orc ward games, two games clubs and a couple of games workshops close to me so I need to get some games arranged.

So then aims for the next year are –

  1. Focus on getting the figures and terrain needed for the three journey books (there are a few models I need to get hold of still)
  2. Get more games played and maybe go to one of the GBHL tournaments
  3. Stay pretty much cost neutral by continuing to sell off stuff I no longer use

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