Ahmon Hen

I took a break from gluing squares of cardboard onto the Helms Deep build and built an Ahmon Hen. It’s another bit of terrain needed for the journey book scenarios and as I had all the materials out I thought I may as well get it done. Rather than using the instructions in the journey book I used the instructions from a One Ring article available at http://www.one-ring.co.uk/kb.php?a=17. The article has some good instructions and downloadable templates which make the build very easy.

SBG Amon Hen
SBG Amon Hen

I am going to texture and paint this at the same time as helms deep to save on mixing up separate batches of stuff. This means it will be a little while until its finished.

I am now working out what other terrain I need to get done. The next big piece is going to be Weather top but I might make the Balins tomb bits first as these can be used for some good standalone games. I also need to make a couple of hills and maybe some river sections.


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