The future of the game

Just when it seemed that Games Workshop was letting the game die we have the great news that there is going to be renewed support via Forgeworld. I realise that its not exactly new news now but I thought it was something it was worth passing comment on bearing in mind the focus of this blog.


One of the best bits of news for me are the re-releases. There was a period when I dropped out of the hobby mainly due to lack of funds and other priorities. Unfortunately this was during one of the main periods of releases so my collection is missing various figures from this period. I have already been able to pick up a shade and plan to get the mounted Gandalf. Hopefully in time we will see most of the things I missed released so I can fill in the gaps. One side effect I have noticed is that prices for figures on ebay and trade sites are now much more sensible. I guess people are selling off figures they were hoping to make a quick buck on now they are being made available again.

New releases

I am really looking forward to seeing what Forge world come up with. It looks like GW must have the licence for a good few years yet and from the various bits of information coming out of the various open days and events there are big plans for SBG. The figures released and displayed look great and forge world stuff is always good quality. I am a bit worried about the prices but the iron hills dwarves at 12 for £40 seem fair to me and I will pick some of those up at some point. I hope that they will look at releasing the basic Gundabads at this price point as well as they are just too expensive at the moment costing £15 for 3.

It has been stated everything in the Hobbit films will have a release which is great news. One thing that would be love to see forge world to do was go back to the old scenario box style of releases. I always loved the boxes that contained various characters from a film scene like the old attack at Weathertop or warg attack sets.

The future

Hopefully this is just the start of a log period of renewed support for the game and the Forge world team look to have great plans. It looks like the future of the game is in safe hands and I look forward to seeing what the next few years holds for the game.


One thing I think is worthy of note is how well the community supported/promoted the game when the support from Games Workshop was none existent. The GBHL and associated podcasts along with the raft of independent tournaments in the UK and the support from similar organisations over seas just shows how well loved this game is and I am convinced it would have died without these efforts. I have not yet attended a tournament or event but I think that may change next year having seen how much fun they look from the various Facebook posts.


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