About Me

Hi. I am a wargaming nut based in Leeds. I have been gaming since I was about 11, which means I have been painting and rolling dice for 25 years (eek). I started with Heroquest before moving onto Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Bloodbowl etc. More recently I have gone over into the historical side and I have 28mm and 15mm ww2, 28mm romans and 28mm Zulu war collections.

This blog is all about my project to game the Lord of the Rings journey books from Games workshop. These are scenario books based on the films and book which follow the journey of the ring from the Shire through to mount Doom. They run through the making of the terrain and painting of the forces required. The inspiration for this particular project comes from my two boys (7 and 9) who are big Lord of the rings fans and are also starting to get into wargaming. The Games workshop rule system is perfect for them as it’s a relatively simple rule set and we can play it without having to strip out any of the special rules.


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