Spectres and wights

I am pretty much just painting anything I fancy at the moment but I am being pretty productive. In the first time for a while I am managing to paint more than I am buying at the moment.

First up are three spectres. They are used in the Two towers journey book in a dead marshes scenario and will be useful in a Angmar army. These are great sculpts and it’s a shame there are only three variations. I plan to convert some more from last alliance warriors and plastic orcs.

pics 265 pics 267 pics 269

Next up are two barrow wights. Again great sculpts but there are only two variations of these and there are four in the journey book scenario. I can’t decide between getting a couple more or finding some alternatives to add some variation.

pics 266

And finally a Minis Tirith banner and captain. The banner is the dismount for the cavalry banner I did some time ago.

pics 272


Army of the dead

I recently finished of the last half of the army of the dead figures along with the king of the dead. I went for the bog standard green movie look and it was dead easy to do (see what I did there). A white undercoat followed by codex grey over the whole figure. I then picked out some of the details like beards, armour etc and did a heavy dry brush of a relevant colour on these bits e.g. a brown for the beards. I then gave them a wash with green ink and following that a light white dry brush. I now have 24 of these guys with the king to lead them. Unfortunately for points matches there are no army of the dead captains and with the maximum warband size being 12 this means that if I wanted to field more than 12 of them they would be lead by a Dol Amroth captain or similar. Maybe I can come up with a suitable conversion for one. I have a couple of the metal warriors of the dead figures I picked up in a trade so I might be able to do something with them as the base.

pics 224

pics 222

Gondor roll call

Thought I would do a couple of pictures of all the painted Gondor forces I have as I have been working on this army recently and it’s my most complete. I still have a fair few things to complete and there are a couple of bits I don’t have that I would ultimately like to add.

pics 233

So far I have the following painted

  • 8 x guards of the fountain court
  • 6 x citadel guard with spear
  • 12 x archers
  • 8 x spears
  • 7 x swords
  • 6 x knights
  • Foot and mounted banner bearer
  • 14 x rangers
  • Faramir in armour, foot and mounted and as a ranger
  • Boromir armoured on foot
  • Damrod
  • Cirion
  • Mandril
  • Denathor
  • Pippin in gondor armour

Still to come

I have the following miniatures some of which are currently work in progress

  • A bolt thrower
  • A trebuchette
  • 12 x osgilith veterans conversions
  • 12 x rangers
  • 8 x sword and shield guys
  • Mounted boromir
  • Knight of the tree (converted)
  • Aragorn as king foot and mounted

And I would like to add

  • 6 x citadel guard archers
  • 6 x metal knights which I would like to convert to citadel guard
  • Beregond
  • Boromir whith the banner
  • Another banner on foot

Work in Progress and Denethor

Next up is my Denethor model. As with most of the figures based on the films I think the likeness to the actor is very good. He is used in one of the last Journey book scenarios and will be good fun to use in point matches with his Broken Mind special rule.


Painted Denethor
Painted Denethor

I thought I would also put up a couple of work in progress pictures. The first is of the figures that are in various stages of assembly, conversion or priming the secondis of the figures that are waiting on being based.



I have been a bit crap at updating the blog but it’s mainly because I was not happy with the pictures I was taking. I have mucked around with some more lights and the camera settings and I think I am finally getting somewhere so I have had a bit of a photo session today. Hopefully I can now get a few more updates on here. I still need to work on the lighting a bit but I am getting there. First up are 9 plastic rangers. These are going to be used as Dunedain in the initial journey book scenarios and will then double up as Gondor rangers for the later games. I have just ordered 3 Dunedain from GW as well so they will jump up the paint queue when they arrive. pics 208

pics 209

pics 210

On the rangers front I have another 15 of the plastic figures and four metal Faramirs rangers to complete. Some of the plastics are going to get a bit of conversion work done, mainly adding spears. I also have Faramir, Damrod and Mandril to complete. My painting have been jumping around a bit because I have been trying to get a couple of armies painted up for standard points games. I am concentrating on Gondor and Mordor at the moment and I have made some decent progress. All these will be used for the later scenarios as well.