Current Wants

The following is the list of Lord of the rings miniatures I am currently looking for. The priority figures are those needed for the journey books but there are lots of other things in the list that I would like to get to complete my collection.

For the Fellowship Journey book


For the Two Towers Journey book

Theodred on foot
1 x Rohan outrider on foot
3 x feral uruks
6 x morgul stalkers
some Dunlending Warriors

For the Return of the King Journey book

some woses
a mumak

Other bits wanted


Ultimately I would like to do a similar thing with the hobbit so if anyone has any of the hobbit miniatures going that would be great.

I am currently after

Finecast Mirkwood troops
Elrond foot and mounted
Gundabad orcs
a box of Erebor dwarves
a box of grim hammers
box of fell wargs
box of hunter orcs
box of hunter orcs on wargs
Thrain the broken
Bard with windlance
Laketown guard
2 x eagles
Raddy on eagle
The White Council: Vanquishers of the Necromancer
Riddles in the dark

Other LOTR figures

The rest of this list is stuff I dont have in the collection yet
The great beast
6 x black guard
Galadhrim Knights
Galadhrim Command
Elrohir Foot and Mounted
6-8 x Dwarf Iron Guard
The dwarf King’s Champion
Amdûr, Lord of Blades foot and mounted
2 x Half Trolls
2 x Castellans of Dol Guldur
Gûlavhar, the Terror of Arnor
Dweller in the Dark
6 x Gundabad Blackshields
a Cave drake
Box of plastic Easterling Kataphrakts
Box of Morgul Knights
The Tainted foot and mounted
Khandish Charioteer
8 x Black Guard of Barad-dûr
Thrydan Wolfsbane foot and mounted
2 x Rider of the Dead
Black Guard of Barad-dûr Commanders
Gundabad Blackshields Command
Sauron the Necromancer
The Dwimmerlaik foot and mounted
The Undying foot and mounted
Black Númenórean Warriors
Guards of the Galadhrim Court
6 x Mahud Warriors
3 x Mahud Raiders
The Necromancer
The Morannon Orc Commanders box
Isengard Commanders
Dwarf Ballista
Shagrat war leader
3 x Mahud Raider


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