Scenario Requirements

I thought it would be useful to have the lists of the miniatures needed for the various journey, source and rule books. I am in the process of putting these together so I will put them up here as I finish them.

Some of the books use points rather than specifying a exact list and some kind of do both having points values but also suggested participants. Where this happens I have detailed the suggested miniatures. Some of the scenarios re-occur in different source books with different miniature requirements.

Click on the links to go through to the spreadsheets showing the miniatures needed. Let me know if I have missed something in any of the lists.

Fellowship of the Ring Journey Book

Fellowship Journey Book

Two Towers Journey Book

Two Towers Journey Book

Return of the king Journey Book

Return of the king Journey Book

Scouring of the Shire

The list needed for this sourcebook is actually fairly modest. Unfortunately as good chuck of the figures are OOP and some are hard to find.

Scouring of the shire

Fall of the Necromancer

Fall of the necromancer

Gondor In flames

Some of the scenarios in this book need quite large amounts of miniatures if you use the suggested figures.

Gondor in flames

A shadow in the East

A bit of a strange mix of figures needed for this one

A shadow in the east

The Ruin of Arnor

The ruin of Arnor

The battle of Pelennor fields

The battle of Pelennor fields

Shadow and Flame

Strange mix of troops in this one.  I think this was the first source book to be released.

Shadow and flame




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