Spectres and wights

I am pretty much just painting anything I fancy at the moment but I am being pretty productive. In the first time for a while I am managing to paint more than I am buying at the moment.

First up are three spectres. They are used in the Two towers journey book in a dead marshes scenario and will be useful in a Angmar army. These are great sculpts and it’s a shame there are only three variations. I plan to convert some more from last alliance warriors and plastic orcs.

pics 265 pics 267 pics 269

Next up are two barrow wights. Again great sculpts but there are only two variations of these and there are four in the journey book scenario. I can’t decide between getting a couple more or finding some alternatives to add some variation.

pics 266

And finally a Minis Tirith banner and captain. The banner is the dismount for the cavalry banner I did some time ago.

pics 272