Dol Amroth conversions

Thought I would post a quick picture of my Dol Amroth conversion prototypes. They are very quick and easy to do and I think they look the part. They are simply Perry miniatures war of the roses plastic infantry (The mercenary box)  with  ebob miniatures swan heads. They will work out loads cheaper than buying the official models particularly as the foot knights are no longer available. The heads scale really well and are pretty much exactly the same size as those you get supplied with the figures.

Perry with ebob heads
Perry with ebob heads

This first picture is a scale shot with a warrior of Minas Tirith (he has some of his details scraped off as he is going to be converted to become a warrior of Arnor). One thing to note here is that I have cut off the small integral plastic base the Perry miniatures come on otherwise the Perry miniatures look too tall when put on a standard base.

Perry with ebob heads
Perry with ebob heads

This second picture is a shot of the two prototypes together. The Pike man on the right and the captain on the left.

I have 37 heads so I should be able to make up a decent little force as the Perry box comes with 40 figures.  I am tempted to get a box of the mounted men at arms to use as the knights but the Fireforge knights might be a better option thanks to the barded horses. I am off the York wargames show at the weekend so I might take  head with me to see if I can scale it with the Fireforge guys.

One thing to note is that the heads took ages to arrive. I ordered then back in November and they only arrived this week.


Army of the dead

I recently finished of the last half of the army of the dead figures along with the king of the dead. I went for the bog standard green movie look and it was dead easy to do (see what I did there). A white undercoat followed by codex grey over the whole figure. I then picked out some of the details like beards, armour etc and did a heavy dry brush of a relevant colour on these bits e.g. a brown for the beards. I then gave them a wash with green ink and following that a light white dry brush. I now have 24 of these guys with the king to lead them. Unfortunately for points matches there are no army of the dead captains and with the maximum warband size being 12 this means that if I wanted to field more than 12 of them they would be lead by a Dol Amroth captain or similar. Maybe I can come up with a suitable conversion for one. I have a couple of the metal warriors of the dead figures I picked up in a trade so I might be able to do something with them as the base.

pics 224

pics 222